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Pressure cooker

After I fell in love with Instant Pot cooking, my old pressure cooker has been in storage. So I brought it to work to put to use. Initially I used it for staff meals. Then it became handy for prep work where time and space was constrained. My staff cooks seemed...

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Paella In An Emeril Pan

My paella pan serves its explicit purpose, but it's also small. Wanting to make a sofrito, as well some fish for paella, I ended up using an Emeril Lagasse signature stainless steel pan. Damned if it didn't work! It even led to...

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The ongoing no-gas crisis continues in my building. Tired of the electric coil burner-top offered by my landlord, I went out and bought an  Induction cooktop. The one problem is cookware, namely my collection of stainless steel pans with copper...

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Under Pressure!

This post title could fit how I feel at work this month. In truth, it's about a pressure-cooker I got on sale after Christmas. Partially bought in my quest to help the economy, it's a piece of cookware that does more than cut time out of cooking.  For...

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