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The ongoing no-gas crisis continues in my building. Tired of the electric coil burner-top offered by my landlord, I went out and bought an  Induction cooktop. The one problem is cookware, namely my collection of stainless steel pans with copper lining.  Apparently there are issues with metallic magneticism. Well, for my  first efforts I  used stainless steel bowls usually used for mixing doughs. But then I successfully tried some cast iron works. It makes up for no gas for now, and it's a great option for catering, too. Maybe! 



  1. David Auerbach

    Curious if you did any brand research?
    I thought that anything a magnet sticks to would work (if really flat–need contact).

  2. Jonitin

    David, did no research, in fact I got a double and it was huge, so traded it in for a single one…fantastic product, now to find a stainless steel pot, no funny bottoms!


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