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Instant Pot

 "slow" cookers are a hit lately; and having  tried previous generations that were bulky and not so handy, I went and forked out some more greenbacks to get an InstantPot 6 Qt Duo Nova. My brother who's a little older then me swears by slow...

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Kitchen Gadgets

Been to  Bloomingdales 9th floor? It's the kitchen section. Wow, they pushed it up a notch! A few months ago, I ended up going on a shopping binge, coming home with a waffle iron, hand blender, as well as assorted cooking tools. My wife frowned...

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Sous Vide

My workplace finally entered the 21st century in the form of a vacuum-sealing food saver. Goodbye, foodstuffs wrapped with multiple layers of plastic and wax paper. Gone are frostbitten meats. Hello to so-called "modernist sous vide" cooking, an...

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Baker Tools

Temperature is a key to baking, which led me to buy a decent thermometer and one to capture "ph" levels. Mine tests alkalinity in the water with which I mix the flour, delineating the minerals that are key in fermentation. It's all scientific I...

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Sharpening the Slicer

My Raadvad Bread Slicer has spent too much time in a cupboard collecting dust. My friend Jonel gave me a tip to a knife sharpener with a good reputation among butchers. It's well deserved. Now the slicer sits proudly on my table, slicing the way it should. Swoosh!

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"Joule" is a kitchen tool. More precisely, it is a method of using sealed bags "sous-vide" in processing food at lower temperatures with water circulator. It's a smaller model so I wanted to see the difference with the Anova precision cooker I...

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