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Known as "Guillotine a Saucisson," this French kitchen tool is tailor made to cut those fabulous hardened meats like saucisson sec. So easy to work with when you have a professional deli slicer. on the the typically dull home-based knife,...

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The ongoing no-gas crisis continues in my building. Tired of the electric coil burner-top offered by my landlord, I went out and bought an  Induction cooktop. The one problem is cookware, namely my collection of stainless steel pans with copper...

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Faux Puntarelle

Lacking puntarelle but want to something similarly savory? Rick Easton has a fabulous suggestion; use the stems of any green broccoli or rape. Making a pasta dinner, I tried Rick's trick with my new taglia. It led to a delightfully composed (and eaten!) salad. For...

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100 Percent Rye

My Raadvad Danish bread slicer put to good use in my latest 100 percent rye bread. Clearly this tool is much more than a toy, and will be used to make some more rye and seeded bread, not just miche!

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Raadvad (Bread Slicer)

Bread slicing isn't the most difficult task; basically it is a back-and-forth motion. Simple, right? But when I spotted this antique Danish slicer, I had to get it. It's ideal for rugged and dense breads, designed and engineered for performance. And I did give...

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