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Baking Steel Flat Top Griddle (La Plancha)

by | Apr 17, 2015 | cooking, Tools of the trade

Generally I depend on cast iron for my  "go-to" cooking pots and pans. It holds heat well, gives fantastic results, and it's simple to maintain. Just season elbow grease, salt and oil. But the other night I decided to use my BakingSteel® flat top griddle or, as I think of it, a la plancha. It was excellent. A bit of caution. Be conservative with oil, as it runs the chance of starting a fire. But manipulating the flame was all it took to get a perfect meal. Though initially I thought of using it in the oven, I ended up just pulling it to cook on top of the burners. It worked beautifully and, like cast iron, is easy to clean. I may try it this summer for flat-bread baking, especially when it's too hot to bake big miches!IMG_8322

  IMG_8181 IMG_8184 IMG_8327


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