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Under Pressure!

by | Apr 26, 2009 | Cookware

CIMG6349 This post title could fit how I feel at work this month. In truth, it's about a pressure-cooker I got on sale after Christmas. Partially bought in my quest to help the economy, it's a piece of cookware that does more than cut time out of cooking.  For years, it's been the staple of many a house wife's kitchen and today you see professional chefs as users, too.

I had wanted to get a pressure cooker for awhile, thinking of the way it concentrates flavors, its convenience, and for novelty. More specifically, I wanted it for cooking Ogokbap, a grain rice mix of Korean origins. Buying a bag at a local grocery, the instructions told me that cooking the rice required this important utensil.

My first time using the newly made purchase was with some unrecognizable meat and bones my wife decided to buy for a late winter soup. Surprising both of us, I was able to create a nice soup with the motley assortment of beef cuts, all due to the mysteries of my new pressure cooker! Tonight was my second attempt to cook something from  this volatile and often frightening can of steaming heat and pressured hissing cauldron. With visions of explosions and missing limbs flying, my wife is totally scared of this thing, but after dinner she asked me to teach her how to use this marvelous utensil.



What would we put on our "under pressure menu?" Well I used locally bought stew meat, lean and not riddled with much fat. I based this meager meat specimen, and called it a  Daube. Then I whacked out  a mire poix a bit larger then the meat, browned the morsels of beef, sweated the vegetable with some herbes de provençe, added a bit of tomato product,a dash of red wine, along with some red wine vinegar and 1.5 cups of water.

Covering it, I turned on the fire, set the dial to pressure status and,voila, the machine hissed for only about 15 minutes, doing its magic pressure cooker soliloquy. I still haven't explored the exact science behind this magnificent pot,or even checked out what cooking geek Alton Brown say's.No mater I have the instruction book and took some cues from various sources. All I know was this knock-out-of-a-stew worked with a side of brown rice, a salad and some fabulous Mediterranean wine, (La Croix Peyrassol). The pressure is on! Or off. Enjoy.



  1. Susan

    Well, I’m persuaded. If this thing can not only cut your cooking time but turn sow’s ear into silk purse, and water into wine, I guess I need one.

  2. Jeremy

    I actually made a roast chicken in it in less then 10 minutes, delicious though not as crisp as I like, still I had a wonderful natural jus at the bottom of the pan and it was onctuous and silky.Nevermind the fact that I had a bottle of fine rose wine to top it off!

  3. mick

    Hey! Don’t forget to wash under the gasket.

  4. Bottlewasher

    Great list on link for approx cooking times.
    Just got one myself. Its getting cold here so lots of daubes and such on the agenda

  5. Jeremy

    Hi Bottlewasher,
    We are in dismally wet, rain soaked spring, but I could even see this pot used in the hot, humid weather coming this summer, makes for easy and quick cooking,hmmm, pork belly?

  6. Stock Pots

    I agree that it will make i tastier, and will softened the mean in just few minutes. I’ve been using pressure cooker for a ling time, especially with beef!


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