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Buckwheat Muffin

For a long time I used a formula for muffins called Universal Muffins, which I discovered from Tightwad Gazette, a newsletter which preaches budget living and frugality. That never figured into my usage of this recipe until investigating its origins. I adapted the...

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Chocolate Krantz

Having a bit of extra croissant dough in my kitchen, it inspired me to bake a batch of pain au chocolate. But without solid chocolate bars used to fill them, I substituted with faux  Nutella for what was basically a krantz (aka babka). The activity of this dough...

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English Muffins

English muffins aren't a bread I often eat or bake. But breakfast visitors, and thoughts of eggs Benedict, led me to visions of their nooks and crannies as perfect for embracing a warm Hollandaise. Also, an email from Andris Lagsdin of Baking Steel featured an...

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Oeuf Brouille With Caviar

French scrambled eggs with caviar for the New Years, reusing the egg shells after rinsing  in hot water. My little mouiller; toasted and buttered like when I was a kid.... voila, bonne appetite.

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Eric Kayser

You can find a boulangerie on every corner in Paris. And it's there where I first found Eric Kayser Boulangerie, all by chance. Just walking. Eric Kayser has built a world wide baking empire, most recently opening one here in New York City. Again, I happened to...

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I love scones. And quite often my wife asks me to bake them. The store-bought scones are often dry. And they're actually easy and fun to prepare at home. Besides, topped with jam.... ha! They require basic ingredients; flour, butter, cream, baking powder and...

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