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Biscotti Maiorca

Having been told that maiorca flour can be used to make cannoli shells, I used it to make a batch of petit beurres cookies. The results were not quite a sable, more or less a digestive biscuit, nice to dip into your espresso or warm milk.  Next time...

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Pim’s Alfajores

In the last two weeks I've made alfajores, a delicate cookie with origins in Spain and Latin Ameria. The first recipe was from the book, The Art of Peruvian Cuisine. The basics were pretty basic; a simple dough with just flour, sugar and...

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Hot Tamales

I like tamales. No, I love 'em. Playing with a steamed halibut special at work, I ended up complementing the dish with fresh corn tamales. I served it with roasted yellow grape tomato salsa, chipotle, ramps and tomato corn salad. Maybe I was channeling my...

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Wine Cookies (Ciambelline di vino rosso)

At the end of a meal in Rome last August, the waiter brought cookies to the table. These circular, sugar speckled treats proved addictively satisfying. Known as "ciambelline di vino rosso" (wine cookies) the memory of their tender anise...

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Retro Season

It may be nostalgia. It may be January's chilly temperatures. Maybe the two go together. Regardless, I've been going into a retro food phase. Most recently I made quenelles, the classic pike or fish dumpling poached and blanketed with lobster...

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My father being a lapsed Jew, my mother a lapsed Catholic, that led me to grow up avoiding religion while embracing the culinary gifts either parent's background provided. Well, Easter is coming soon but for now it's Purim. Which for me means one thing: the...

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