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La Boîte

Last Sunday I had the chance to meet the Israeli-born spice expert, Lior Lev Secarz, owner of La Boite, his shop that sells spices and biscuits. Introduced by Gennaro Pecchia, I was invited to come over to Lior's spice lab to watch the final game of the...

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Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese. It's a dish that inspires snark from many of us chefs. But honestly, I love it. From it's creation myth - in which Thomas Jefferson brought macaroni and parmigiano cheese back from Europe to create it - up to recent times, where the...

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Croquant de noix Coco

Ever buy cookies from a store that isn't local and find that they generate intense cravings? Such a thing happened when my wife returned from Paris with a bag of Bonne Maman Croquant de Coco; a sort of sable cookie with an overload of coconut that make...

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Anzac, The Gift From Oz

Being a veteran of the military, I can appreciate the idea of care packages. In particular, I can greatly appreciate an Australian (or New Zealand) biscuit or cookie called an "Anzac." It was sent to soldiers, far from home around the turn of the century....

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Doctored chocolate chip cookie

Who doesn't love cookies, especially basic chocolate chip? Sure we can fuss over the orthodox methods and recipes, but why bother! . Below are photos from a batch I made from a recipe earned in my days in the pastry kitchen of the now defunct Drake...

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