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Green Market Dinner

  It's lovely to smell real farmed produce, and it inspires cooking a great meal. And visually, food tells you lots of things; first, don't fuss, keep it simple, true to its original beautiful form. Restraint is knowing how to take two or three items,...

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Support Your Local Farmer

A few weeks ago I was shopping for lettuces and dinner at a farmer's market. Found a nice-looking rack of  lamb from New York's Catskill Merino Sheep farm. Compared to the wholesale prices we pay at work for Colorado lamb, the local cut was pricier. That...

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Farmed Flour

Noel Labat-Comess, the former owner and founder of Tom Cat Bakery, sent me a message recently; "Jeremy, I need to ask you a favor. A farmer I know gave me a 5lb sample of a flour a friend of his is producing. He'd like to know what I think of it....

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Stinging Nettles

While passing the lovely farmers market at Union Square, I decided to buy some stinging nettles. With just a handful, I was able to make three different things; pizza, pasta and pesto. In the case of pizza and pesto, I blanched and pureed the nettles...

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Going local

For a few months, I've thought about selling bread at one of my local farmer's market. I have to admire those who sell at these terrific additions to modern life. They bring big value to so many people. Personally, I hesitate of moving from buyer to seller,...

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