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Mixed Grain Croissants

Mixed grain croissants aren't new to me. In fact I've previously tried grano arso, as well as durum. I even tried it with goat butter, which doesn't have distinct  goat flavor but does have a strange margarine-like texture.  I made a batch...

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Swiss Soughdough

My summer foray to Switzerland for a visit with my sister obviously included experiments with bread. She had prepared some sourdough for us to use together. It was different than the sourdough to which I'm accustomed. Initially, I thought the differences were due...

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Pavé describes a stone road, those famous ones ridden during the classic bicycle race Paris Roubaix (The hell of the north). It's also a term for a simply shaped brick loaf of bread. While this dough rose, I took a nap. What I got was a light and crusty loaf with...

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Pane Nostrum

Below is a shot of my results at Soul Crumbs' Pane Nostrum (our daily bread). Keeping in mind the mantra, "baking differently." While off on timing, I seemed to get a light, airy, holey loaf and crusty crumb.   

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Holey Challah A’la Sourdough

Six-plaited challah isn't an easy achievement. Not at all! But here's a tip, one strand to the left, another to the middle. And so on. Using heritage-grain flour, I tinkered recently with various formulas, all the while juggling the numbers until hitting the...

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