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Pane Cioccolato

It's the beginning of summer, time for a favorite sweet bread for the masses.  Looking at my files, I found Pane Cioccolato (chocolate bread) a formula from Nancy Silverton's La Brea book.This last bit of leftover dough was turned into two batards....

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Every year I try to sneak a stollen in my Christmas-time baking. I view it as my "naughty dough," a nod to a Kurt Vonnegut story. It also serves as a narrow window to my birth country, Germany. To me, it's a baby Jesus bread, whose fruit and nuts give it...

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Brioche Feuilletée

A project this past summer was baking varieties of "brioche feuilletée." It's a laminated brioche dough in which the baker holds back part of the butter in its building. During hotter weather, any butter-rich Viennoisserie can be tricky. It's...

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Celiac Patient

Gluten free bread was never my big interest though I've played around with minor success, but I did not run back to it. That's until recently when a childhood friend commented on my bread photos, saying she'd love to try some but both she and her daughter...

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Burger Buns

At work, I always dreamed of making home made buns. Burger buns. And not the average burger bones. Most restaurants serve challah or brioche styled burger buns. I wanted a better burger bun What's that means? It's freshly baked. It's not too soft but...

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Jerusalem Bagel

Four years ago I tried to make a batch of Jerusalem-style bagels. They were far from stellar. The other day, Lior Lev Secarz emailed me a recipe for these bagels on which he swore. He got them from chef Mike Salomonov, author of the restaurant and book known as Zahav....

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