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Nougat is a chewy nut confection with roots back in the Roman Empire, only more likely first crafted in what is now Turkey and Greece rather than Italy. In my early days as a pastry cook, I remember wanting to master this challenging mixture of hot sugar and honey...

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Martin Philip

    Martin Philip's life has been a rich journey; from working in finance to pursuing his passion for music. Today he is baking ambassador for King Arthur Bakery. I first saw Martin via bread baking videos on the company website. Then I found his book...

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I have always loved green vegetables, like  Gai-lan, a type of Chinese broccoli found in Asian food markets. It works wonderfully in scrumptious preparations steamed or stir fried. Whereas spinach also a native of Asia goes simply in a dish like Goma Ae, a...

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Macarons are sometimes confused with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, at least too news-deprived Americans. In fact, macarons are splendid sweeties, a mix of egg white meringue shells that are baked and filled with ganache, butter cream or fruit jam. There...

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While on a day tour through Alsace on holidays I stopped into a kitchen supply store and purchased molds, including some for canelé. Canelés are unique pastry from Bordeaux. They are not easy to make. While composed of a simple batter of flour, eggs, sugar and milk,...

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Loaf Classic

Wordloaf is a weekly email letter published by baker and writer Andrew Janjigian. It's always packed with great information. I recently tried one of his recipes from an article for a "loaf classic". It's designed from one recipe that uses various...

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