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Maison Publique

Derek Dammann is a Canadian chef who I first met at D&A. Visiting Montreal recently, I had a chance to try his cuisine at Maison Publique, a restaurant with simply presented, locally sourced, brilliant food.  Here's some of what we had.

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Michael James

          Tivoli Bread is one of my prized baking books, a treasure trove of beautiful photographs and precise recipes. I decided to ask its author, Michael James, to share his stories and thoughts on baking and cooking on Stir the Pots....

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Café Phin

I'm a coffee junkie. I own an espresso machine, a Bialetti moka pot, and now a Vietnamese Phin filter. I always remembered seeing these Phin filters while visiting my favorite pho place on Chinatown's  Baxter street. But for whatever reason I had never...

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Pita Pocket Filled With Falafel

Preparing staff meals, I made some pita with falafel for dinner, adding my own home-made shawarma spice to some chicken. The pita bloomed in the oven nicely. And the staff loved it. Nothing wrong with street food for many!    

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During the pandemic isolation period, I finally found the time to understand how to make jams, without using pectin. With reduction in  sugar I was able to make some fabulous jams, Italian plum, blueberry and even fig. And though I did try the pectin for one of...

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Lahmajoun is an Armenian type dish akin to a pizza. My first time trying it was in Montreal, eating it at a place known for lahmajoun, Chez Apo. The friend who introduced me to it, Chef Michele Forgione, recently reconnected. He was curious if I had any interesting...

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