Pita Pocket Filled With Falafel

Preparing staff meals, I made some pita with falafel for dinner, adding my own home-made shawarma spice to some chicken. The pita bloomed in the oven nicely. And the staff loved it. Nothing wrong with street food for many!


Putting together a mezze dish at a time, dolmades were eaten in one fell swipe of the hand a day before . So I made up some Egyptian falafel, pita were needed to stuff them in or to swipe a bit of tahini or hummus… Here I made up a sourdough version adapting a...

Pita For Souvlaki

Having a leg of lamb leftovers from the holidays, I decided to put together some home-made souvlaki, starting with freshly baked pita. A good shot of sourdough for a simple flatbread that took only two hours to make from start to finish. Opa!  

Lafah Bread

Lafah (or taboon bread) is a flat bread sold in markets throughout the Middle east. Recently I tried a version at Zahav in Philadelphia, and found it airy and light. Baked in a wood burning oven, it's a chewier cousin of pita that goes well with most common...

Pocket for a falafel

My first falafel was eaten in the mid-east. Only it was mid-eastern Connecticut, the white-bread suburbs of Fairfield County, where my family moved from Europe decades ago when I still had lots of hair on my head. I still remember the lunchtime introduction, coming...