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Mixed Grain Pizza

by | Oct 21, 2012 | Pizza, Taglio

Leafing through Gabriele Bonci'Il Gioco della pizza, I wanted to try his "impasto misto pizza." It's a mixed grain pizza fermented with natural levain which uses farro, whole grain and white. I didn't have any in my flour bins, so I used a hodgepodge of flours; barley, amaranth and rye. Call it old and new world meet rustic taglio. Next was making a topping with the simple use of three ingredients, something following the fall season with the guideline to not over do the toppings.


In hindsight…I was heading for trouble by leaving the dough with this weaker combination of flours more then the stated 18-24 hour period. The dough didn't have the nice crumb, namely it wasn't airy or light. It was dense, but deep flavors of rye and amaranth pervaded. And I did like the ricotta, Brussel sprout, onion and speck topping. I'll try this again, but maybe grind my own farro. Should I? 


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