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Great Northern Hall

Grand Central Station is one of the world's most enjoyable architectural landmarks. Big, bright, airy, simultaneously full of crowds yet never without space to move, it's a hub of activity centered around another terrific human design, railroad trains.  A hive of folks rushing, hanging, and just looking to take the sights in, Grand Central in recent years has also come to sport some terrific food. 

This last week I visited one of the restaurants there, Great Northern Food Hall. The dream child of food entrepreneur Claus Meyer, the food here lives up to the word "great." Take their open-faced smørgasbord sandwiches; rather than follow the norm of cloaking the ingredients in multiple layers, they have the courage to keep it simple, allowing you to savor the simplicity of fine rugebrød bread along with a set of quality toppings. And the entire restaurant vibes with sensual flourishes, from scents to sights. Go peruse the shelves of varied baked goods, or the urban farm of micro-greens and herbs growing inside an open terrarium. 

Whether catching the train or the station, enjoy a meal at Great Northern Food Hall in between. It's a journey all its own.



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