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Rusha Homa

As a Jew in the US Army during the Jewish high holy days, I was not given my pass to go home for Roshashana, nicknamed by some military guys as "Rusha Homa." Fast forward to this years festivities. I had a "farkhalesht lekhtsn" (yiddish for...

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Roscón de reyes

After my wife brought home a store-baked Roscón de reyes, I decided to make one, myself, only using sourdough. I used a formula from David Jorge's food show that featured Iban Yarza. Wary that I'd under-proof it, I gave it extra time to bulk ferment it. The...

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Büche Time

This holiday season eats into baking time, but I managed to put together a büche de Noel for a family friend. Even if it seems you're about to run out of essential ingredients (e.g. decent sheet pan, butter and yes sugar), there will be büche! Here's the first...

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