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Liverpool House

Visiting Montreal, one of our goals was a dinner at Joe Beef. Finding it was booked, we decided to try its partner restaurant, Liverpool House. Arriving there after a six hour airport travail (COVID, lines, a multitude of time-stealing boring details) we were late for...

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La Trinquette- Summer Trip Post #9

Tucked into the village of Gordes  is a wonderful restaurant La Trinquette. Run by a young couple, its terrace overlooks a spectacular view. Besides the luscious food and setting, there's a super-amiable crew. Only another year to wait till I can return but...

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Arepas Cafe

Arepas are a mainstay of Venezuela and Colombia. They are actually one of the few pre-Colombian traditional foods still popular.  Recently I went to try some from experts in this dish, namely the Arepas Cafe in Astoria. Home made food, with a line...

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When my brother first described pupusas, the flat filling-based bread of El Salvador, he was verklempt, a fine Yiddish word to describe anything from deliriously happy or sad. In this case, let's say these suffed flatbreads made his belly smile. He discovered them...

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