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Amy Scherber #repost

by | Sep 9, 2023 | Bakers, Bread, Interviews


Amy Scherber has over spent three decades honing her expertise in baking, bread, and running a food business. I have followed her for years. In fact, as we published here, she was a genuine muse for me. Back when I had a bit more time on my hands, I volunteered my nights in an informal apprenticeship at her bakery; Amy’s Bread in New York City’s Chelsea Market.

Honestly, it was tough. Back breaking, actually. Lots of heavy lifting to bring finished breads ready for the morning rush of customers seeking her excellent food products. Working under Amy gave me real respect for the profession. More specifically, she taught me that baking is a disciplined process demanding both vigilance and dedication.

In 2006, Stir the Pots invited Amy to share her thoughts in an interview. In the podcast we are republishing below, Amy spoke about professional baking, the role of women in the profession, the joys of sourdough and, of course, what inspired her around bread. Enjoy.


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