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Rocky Road – Ice Cream For An Era

Created at the height of the depression in California, Rocky Road has come to mind watching the past year of news. Between the GOP-tax plan, Russian scheming in America's election, and a president who often seems unhinged, this desert seems a way to...

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Austrian Strudel

Back when I was a US Army private serving in Germany, I'd meet up with my dad. At the time, he was making his life as a painter in this country where he, too, came initially as an American soldier. Periodically we would take day-trips to Austria, often visiting...

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Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio gelato was on my summer to-do list. As most pistachio spreads are creamified, sugary concoctions, I first considered using some peanut butter. Using a standard egg based gelato mix, you would think the process would be fairly simple.  Not! The...

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Tartes (Classique)

Recently I prepared berry tarts for a party. Totally old school here goes; creme patisserie-filled sable shell. This kind of dessert is simple yet time-consuming because of fruit preparation. A tasty retro-classic. 

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Engadiner Pecan Torte

Years ago I had the luck to work with an American baker who had spent a lot of time in Austria. Mike was awfully generous with me, sharing a lot of recipes and techniques for "old world" goodies, stuff with lots of butter, lemon, nuts, chocolate, poppyseed...

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Galette des Rois

While foraging my fridge New Years eve for a dessert ideas, I decided to make a cake with some puff pastry, specifically an epiphany cake, Galette de Rois. Lapsed in all religiosity, I'd rather make these symbolic cakes and meals to my faith in...

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