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Last January I made a zampone. Well, almost ten full months later I took it out to enjoy with a pot of homemade lentil soup. What surprised me was the gelatin. It was perfectly clear. When I cut the cotechino, the mosaic speckled fat and meat. It was perfectly...

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Some dishes can stay in your imagination, the totality of their presence emerging within a millimeter of a moment. Such intensity led me to prepare yakisoba recently. I love this dish. And decided to feature it for my staff meal a few weeks ago. Though it's...

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Le St. Urbain

In 2012, visiting Montreal, I met Marc-Andre Royal at his restaurant, Le St. Urbain et Bête à pain. For whatever reason, at the time, I did not try any of his food. For my recent Montreal visit, I made sure to make a date with Marc-Andre. He warned me, "this time...

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Pozole with pork is a classic Mexican dish. Recently I decided to make it for the staff meal. Pork is a hard sell for some of the crew. But I did have some satisfied Mexicano's on staff who came back for seconds. I used my old pressure cooker for cooking the...

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Staff meals can be dicey, as any choice on which you land faces the discriminating tastes of your kitchen crew. But comfort food usually satisfies the most picky eaters among my staff. These St. Louis BBQ ribs, made with a smoked rib rub and in a slow roast delighted...

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Bone Broth

Like other food  trends, bone broth confounds me.  It's promoted as a  wrinkle and waist reduction vehicle, sold as capable of quelling hunger pains via sips of warm gelatinous meat juice. Hmmmm. Not for me. But maybe for my wife. She's...

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