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For a long while I wondered what it would be like to mill my own flour. So I ordered an German Komo mill, and, along with a sieve, made my first effort with some organic wheat berries. Now I am researching different opinions by bakers on tempering or just mill. Lots...

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Ancient Grass and Grains Bread

The loaf started was fermented with a rye, buckwheat sour dough. The remainder of the flour mix  was varying  percentages of local farmed wheat, barley and Castelvetrano grano duro from Molini del Ponte in Sicily. Buckwheat is a pseudo cereal, more a seed...

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Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains, once considered the province of hippies and esoteric foodies, today have captured the imagination of mainstream bakers. Basically it’s about treating grains as vegetables - growing them into plants, then grounding them into malt, milling them...

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Whole Grain Fermento

Looking through my emails, I came across message dating back four years, from my friend Teresa of Northwestsourdough. It was an explanation of adding grains in with sourdough overnight with part of the flour and a pinch of salt to keep the mix from going too sour....

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Thoughts About Alternative Grains

Rye and spelt are two grains I enjoy using in baking bread, though they lack the gluten strength that builds the structure of wheat doughs. But then they make up for it in flavor and texture. Though we'd like to believe the could substitute for gluten-free diets,...

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