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Never a frown with golden brown

by | Mar 6, 2009 | Bread

Durum Semolina sourdough


It always nice to have all the right elements fall into place and turn out such a loaf!


Durum Semolina

500g loaf

Pre-ferment weight: 165

Pre-fermented flour:30%

Overall formula:
100% Durum
65%  Water
2%    Salt


100% Durum
  85% Water
  20% Salt

Final Mix:
219g Semolina
126g Water
   6g Salt

My semolina flour came from Buon Italia in Chelsea Market, a wonderful purveyor of everything Italian, including flour. It's nice using flour from the Italian source where this recipe originates! Tomorrow I'm going to put a slice of mortadella on a slice of this bread. Nutella would be nice too…


  1. Susan

    I’m not 100% sure, but this may qualify as your most beautiful loaf yet. At least most stunning photos.

  2. Teresa

    Superb! Hurrah Jeremy, that is a gorgeous loaf of bread! I agree with Susan. Happy Baking, Teresa

  3. Foolish Poolish

    Beautiful semolina bread!
    Not a grain I get the chance to use often (difficult to find durum flour here). Good job!

  4. Jeremy

    Thanks Teresa and FP,
    flour is hard to get whatever kind, even in NY, and it’s a pleasure we have these boutique stores who sell flour from Italy or wherever?
    Happy baking!

  5. Mr. "Crumb" Aplin

    That bread looks really good Jeremy, I am drooling and I already had my supper!
    Keep on truckin’

  6. Jeremy

    Apeman! (Short for Aplin!)
    You inspired me after that Hamelman loaf you made!


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