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Ode to Provençe, well at least to the anchovies in my loaf!

by | Jul 10, 2010 | Bread

Who say's you can't bake in the summer???

Yeah it's hot, and yes it's always difficult to bake in this atrocious heat, and what with my beautiful but sometimes overheated wife nagging… well, regardless, a baker must bake!

Here was my last loaf; a Pain Provençale studded with olives, herbes de provençe, garlic and my secret midi favorite, you guessed it… anchovies. Yes, that's right. The additions are fantastic, especially adorned with some goat cheese. The surprise salty and fishiness of the anchois with a milky tangy goat cheese is just unctuous, or if you prefer less high-minded descriptions, deliciously funky!


My mother who comes from the Riviera and lived in the Var as a child, was really liking this loaf…we toasted it and had it with some Comte, my dearest wife was not having a slice after her first bite of anchovy, she had wanted straight olive bread, but I needed a more Gallic accent redolent of the land and sea….

Pain Provençale

Based on Dan Leaders recipes from FCI (my bread and cooking school)

1 750g loaf

A.P. Flour  354g   100%

Water       212g     60%

salt             7g       2%

Levain     141g         40%(liquid levain)

Herbs        3.5g      1%

Olives       35g       10%

Anchovies…hmmm I guess I snuck in two filets, chopped

Mix flour, water and levain. Give an autolyse for about 20 minutes. Mix again to get a medium development and mix on 2nd speed for about 2 minutes, finally adding in salt and the remaining ingredients either by machine or by hand. I also gave two folds during the bulk proof.

Proof for about 2 to 21/2 hours.

divide and shape if you make a larger batch…second proof 3 to 4 hours.

Bake for about 40 minutes at 450 F

Et Voila!


  1. mick

    Hey, where’s the yeast?
    Just posted you a shepherd’s pie on PArtisan Baker.

  2. Jeremy

    Mick, there is some yeast, all natural kind!!!

  3. Zoë

    Oof, totally with you on the too-hot-for-baking – I’m in the Bahamas and have to try and maximise my aircon/oven time, but this bread looks like it could be worth getting hot and bothered for… (mmm Comte, jealous!)

  4. Jeremy

    Zoe, NOt for the weak hearted, it’s got a pungent and stealth anchovy essence! We have sub-tropical weather here since may, and let me tell you I haven’t stopped baking, just have to work out times and schedule quick bakes!
    Cheers and thanks for stopping by!


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