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Oh, les noix!

by | Mar 13, 2011 | Bread

After feeding my levain late one night, the next morning I made some dough from Daniel Dimuzio's bread book, a gift from my wonderful friend!



It's a levain with an add-in of 25 percent roasted walnuts. I always love the purple hue and the smell that walnuts give to bread. They're also a plus when you eat it with some divine blue or creamy goat milk cheese. Or try an improvised guacamole tartine inspired by Alain Coumonts!





  1. Oliverde

    That just looks so good!

  2. Kitchen M

    So, it’s the walnuts that make the bread purplish color? I was always wondering about that. That’s so neat! I’m gonna try it this weekend.


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