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Olive bread, part two

by | Oct 28, 2011 | Baking, Bread, Tartine


Since my last olive bread, I decided to give Chad Robertson's Tartine version a try. Lately I've experimented with various feedings, hydration levels ranging from liquid levain to drier 50-80 percent levains. Recently, I settled back to my old stand by from Mick Hartley's early lessons in levain maintenance; a ratio of one part levain, one part water, and one part flour.


I didn't have lemons for this dough like was suggested in Tartine book, but I thought oranges would work, as  the French oil cured olives were from Provençe. I tossed in some flax seeds along with toasted walnuts, so this loaf isn't just olive flavors. I may even try some lavendar next time.

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  1. Oliverde

    Nearing lunchtime, and this would go so well with my salad! Darn.


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