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Sonora Flour

Recently  I mistakenly ordered white Sonora flour instead of high extraction. That said, its also heritage grain from the southwestern border region with a long interesting history. My first thought was  sourdough wheat tortillas, but I  found a...

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Farina Di Pizza (Sexy Flour)

Out shopping in Maspeth Queens, I went into a local deli for a sub sandwich and spotted this flour. Fun, no? Light (super-ground) flour, it's marketed for pizza. Who wouldn't want a pizza made from this beautiful bella donna?  While 00 flour can have...

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Fresh Flour

Steve Horton is a Minnesota-based baker and miller. His company Baker's Field mills locally-produced grains. In addition, he runs a bakery using his own flour. His flour isn't cheap but I splurged on three 4 lbs-pound bags. Wow, it was worth it, given it...

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A Great Heritage Grain Pancake Mix

Sunrise Flour Mills sells pricey but great heritage grain flours. They are also a small company going through the typical growing pains of building a digital presence. For example, their fantastic products are not always helped by a website that needs...

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Maiorca Flour Again

I'm still perplexed and testing Maiorca, that ancient grain that has proven elusive to my attempts to incorporate it into a sourdough bread. Perhaps because of its quirkiness around protein bonding, high absorption, short mix and...

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Grape Seed Flour

A few bakers I respect (including Eli Colvin) have mentioned the magic of baking with grape seed flour. It certainly has a unique color, as well as a flavor. While sorting out my bins, I found an unused bag and decided to make a loaf with it. Using an...

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