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Swiss Soughdough

My summer foray to Switzerland for a visit with my sister obviously included experiments with bread. She had prepared some sourdough for us to use together. It was different than the sourdough to which I'm accustomed. Initially, I thought the differences were due...

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Lunch With Sabino – Summer Trip Post #3

We interviewed Sabino Spadaccino earlier this summer via email. It was a great pleasure to meet him in person. Meeting at a museum to see a Calder exhibit, we then went for a lunch served outside in a garden. Wonderful people, art, and food. Lovely...

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  Holzofenbrot -pain au four à bois. These are the two names of a bread that my sister brought home in a plastic bag during my last visit to Switzerland. It made me pause and ask myself; "where is bread baking going?" Reading the packaged labels for...

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Plum tarte

Plums remind me of summers in Switzerland under my sisters tree in her orchard in August. I still have a a week before I go and visit this year. So having a hankering for something reminiscent of her home made desserts. I decided to make my favorite  tarte au...

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