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Donuts, cake and cider

by | Jun 4, 2011 | Doughnuts

My cooking career started in the morning as a breakfast man. It was followed by a stint at pastry,  only then getting the opportunity to be a full time chef. But today, it's baking that makes me most happy. And baking for breakfast brings me full swing back to early days. Fried cakes, particularily doughnuts are a favorite.

Whether it's jelly filled Berliners  or glazed doughnuts, I love them all. Particularly cider donuts, which are cake-like, using baking powder and reduced apple cider. Recently, lacking all the ingredients for my standard Army recipe donuts, I Googled for a recipe, finding something good on smittenkitchens blog. My only adaption was not frying them Crisco. Anyway, here they are – and next time, I'll try blueberry. Enjoy these photos for now. 







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  1. Jeremy

    Used Canola oil to fry, opposed to the shortening or hydrogenated oil, as it’s not as healthy! Cider does give a background flavor,along with the spices and cinnamon sugar. Yes they are yummy!


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