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Churning Gelato

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Desserts, Food

Ice cream is something I like to make and eat. Though I periodically indulge in buying it, in my opinion most of it sucks. Badly stored, often it's with freezer burned. Or the flavors are super sweet and uninteresting. 

Fast forward a few weeks back, I bought a gelato maker on e-bay. From the first churns, hiccups and misstep,I finally got some decent flavors and formulas going. Nothing better then using farmer's milk (goat or cow) and seasonal fruits.


Goats milk gelato

 Here is an adapted formula from, Tradizione In Evoluzione: arte e scienza in pasticceria, by Leonardo Di Carlo. Which I just replaced regular cows milk with goats milk.

93g Sugar

29g dextrose

21g glucose (dry powdered)

pinch salt

536ml  Milk (Goats milk here!)

100g    Egg yolks

140ml Heavy cream

30g Dry milk

46g sugar

3g Guar

Method: Combine and stir the first four ingredients

Whisk sugar yolks, dry milk and guar to combine.

Heat milk just to scald to 40 Celsius-104 Fahrenheit, when the temperature reaches 45 Celsius-113 Fahrenheit; Temper heated milk to the rest of the ingredients and bring to 85 Celsius-185 Fahrenheit, pass through a sieve and chill to +4 Celcius-40 Fahrenheit.

Let sit overnight in fridge and then churn next day.

Here's a cute vimeo from Silvestro Silvestori in Lecce, Italy.




  1. Karin Anderson

    You are right, most store bought ice cream is too sweet for my taste, too.
    But we are lucky to have a little old guy who sells his homemade ice cream on the way to Portland, that is best I’ve had north of Sorrento/Italy.

  2. Jonitin

    Anything homemade is better then in the freezer section!


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