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To All The Wines I Drunk Before

by | Jan 18, 2015 | Sommelier, Wine

Like boxes of chocolate, you never know what a bottle of wine will bring.  Learning to read the label helps! It helps, too, if – like me – you have  a brother who is a wine geek. Recently he moved out to work in a northern Californian winery in a town called Paso Robles. Before leaving his East Coast job selling wine, he set me up with a case of prime picks. Well, those are gone now. Anyway, here is a list of some favorites of mine.  IMG_9861 IMG_8067 IMG_0022 IMG_2504 IMG_2887 IMG_0867 IMG_9741 IMG_0800 IMG_2861 IMG_3428 IMG_0941 IMG_8325 IMG_2574 IMG_9493 IMG_4874 IMG_1996 IMG_5587 IMG_3395 IMG_5105 IMG_5081 IMG_5771 IMG_6078 IMG_8816 IMG_7600 IMG_4991IMG_5065IMG_2260IMG_5066IMG_8460IMG_9464IMG_5335


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