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Ancient Grains (Molino Grassi)

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

Molino Grassi is an 80-year old mill with a home in Italy's Parma region. It specializes in ancient grains. More specifically, it specializes in ancient, non-GMO grains. Luckily for Americans, it is now selling its products on Amazon. I bought some of their products to try, including their organic multi-cereal flour (barley, rye, oats, wheat, and whole wheat), a bag of semola rimacinata (organic Italian duram flour) and some of their grano miracola (an Italian type "1" flour).

The latter is a combination of Miracolo and Virgilio, two varieties of ancient grains that have only recently been rediscovered, then grown with bio-diverse agricultural techniques. Great for pizza, bread and focaccia, it is naturally rich in phosphorus and iron. And compared to any other wheat flour, it offers the most easily digested gluten.

I made two delicious loaves of bread using the multi-cereal and grano miracola flours. Next time, I will try the semola rimacinata! 

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  1. Janet

    Very Nice looking Bread, Chef. Since I bake I would be intrested in trying some of these flours. What was the hydration and did you let them rest over night prior to baking- looks beautiful!

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Janet, off the top of my head, the hydration is about 70% range and yes I retarded the dough in a banneton for more then 8 hours.
    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Janet

    Thanks! I made something yesterday ( with small percentage of coarse whole wheat and bread flour with 75% hydration. Will bake later on! Happy Baking!

  4. lolajl

    I was very surprised to find ‘OO’ flour at my local BJ store. Used it to make Greek Easter bread couple months ago and had good results with it. I’ll have to check out the other flours.

  5. misskksl@gmail.com

    I got the miracolo flour and really love the taste of it, but found it very diffivult to work on it own to make sourdough like what you did.
    What recommentdations will you give on this subject? What was the pecentage you use to combine the 2 flours to make the sourdough?

  6. Jeremy Shapiro

    Hi Kathy,
    Try 70% miracolo and 30% wheat as for hydration, you could try 75-80% with a 25-30% sourdough (liquid levain)….
    So many ways, don’t be shy, go for it!
    cheers and happy baking,

  7. Kathy

    Thanks Jeremy,
    Long fermentation?I did try to use 30% of miracolo,, 70% King Arthur bread flour, 20% starter, 75% hydration and leave in the fridge for over night after bulk. The bread didn‘t rise much when I bake it.
    I found that the miracolo doesn’t hold up the water after a couple of hours at the bulk stage. It makes the shaping almost impossible.
    I will try a small amount and shorten the autolyse and see how the result is.
    Thank you very much for your reply.


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