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Bagels Atascadero (California)

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Bagels, Bread

Here is my second California try at replicating boiled New York bagels. Readjusting my formula for levain, I got these; proper bagels made west of the Hudson. Despite local hard water and all other issues, they came out fine. Leaving me wondering this – what inspired all this bagel angst and hub-bub? As they say in Queens, "yo, what's up!"

Whatever. All I know is that baking (or boiling) in California, I got a solid bakers dozen bagels from whole wheat to white to a touch of rye. Hey, foodies, what do you got to say? Here's what I say, "wherever you make 'em, make 'em good, and make mine with a shmear." 



  1. Mike Avery

    Probably about 90% of the water in the US will make good bread, and good bagels.
    The angst is mostly due to self-promotion by the old time NYC bagel makers.
    I’ve made great bagels in Colorado and Texas.
    The keys are good high-protein flour, and not cutting corners when you make them.

  2. Janet

    Hello Mike Avery, How are you, Janet (Florida, NY) What have you been up to! The Bagels look Great Good Job!


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