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6 degrees of seperation (Puerto Lopez)

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Ecuador, Tony Bourdain, Travel


The other day my niece Rebbecca asked me on Facebook  if I heard about Anthony Bourdain doing a show in Ecuador? "You're kidding," I told her. "I have my Tivo set up to record all his shows."

Knowing he traveled to Ecuador, I couldn't wait! To… see him try some dishes like, cuy,tripa mishqui in Quito, and then encebollado de albacora in Guayaquil. But I wasn't prepared for his visit to Puerto Lopez! Hell that's where I am going this August. My wife and her brothers own a restaurant there called the Blue Water Grill. I have been enlisted to educate and refine her cooks with my gringo methods and techniques!

Maybe this is the big break for this sleepy village or will it be overrun by the tanned and beautiful crowd that Anthony so disdains. In any case, I will be behind the counter cooking, teaching and trying to better my Spanish as well as learn how to make Bolon, the way it is made in Manabi, even though my version with Morbier cheese and Neuski bacon rocks!

Anthony, give me a call if you need a table!


  1. MC

    What fun, Jeremy! I hope he stops at Le Blue Water Grill. Let me know if he does. I’ll program my Tivo to make sure and catch it.

  2. Jeremy

    Hi MC,
    No he already was in Ecuador,I don’t think I was clear enough in the post and I sort of re-edited to make it more clear…Anthony was also in Turkey while I was there, that is another post I already wrote about, hence 6 degrees of seperation!


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