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DNA (Derek and Alex)

by | Apr 30, 2011 | Chefs, Food, Montreal, Restaurants, Wine


Visiting Montreal, I was invited to eat at what sounded like a labratory or molecular restaurant called DNA. It's a terrific place, the science here mixed with great art created by Chef/Partner Derek Dammann and Wine director/Partner Alex Cruz (DNA's "Cuisine Complice"). 


Housed on the edge of the Old Montreal, it's an awe inspiring setting that delivers equal emotion in terms of food. A focus of the owners is to highlight Canadian products in terms of both food and wine.  



                                                          Chef Derek Dammann


Upon arriving with a party that included Montreal chef Michele Forgione, along with New York restauranteur Sarah Jenkins and her chef Lauren, we were given a tour of the facitlities, including the wine cellar where lots of Derek's home cured charcuterie hangs, literally. Then there's this amazing slicer….jaw dropping chef toy!


Dinner included an array of amazing dishes and wines. As Dana and Alex explained the cuisine, I snapped photographs, trying simultaneously to remember their words, capture the beauty of the scene, and also to sustain the succulence of all the flavors as long as possible. Enjoying a meal that could make you dizzy with delight, the evening became a wonderful blur which even affected my photographs (though let's blame that on the dimming of the lights).  






If I am so lucky to return again to Montreal, I will go back and visit, hopefully get a sample of nose to tail cuisine or more of that Sea Duck I had, how deliciously gamey and so Canadian!

I especially want to thank Michele Forgione, my host, for introducing me to two amazing gourmands, who by the way are headed to Noma, no doubt for some inspiration!

Thanks Alex and Derek, superb!


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